The Yate Town Football Club manager said the team were “disappointed” that their away game on Tuesday was canceled due to fuel shortages after the players were reportedly unable to get on the ground.

Taunton Town postponed the game to be played at their home stadium, the Cygnet Health Care Stadium, after suggesting their players that they had to travel from various locations in the southwest to run out of fuel.

Bluebells manager Paul Michael said: “We are just disappointed.

“In the last year there have been many times when football couldn’t be played and we just want to play.

“Our players have been taking steps in the past few days to make sure they had fuel between their auto stakes and it hadn’t occurred to us that the game was going to be canceled. Two players said they were in trouble so they wouldn’t be involved. ” , that’s that, we play the cards we are dealt, but we play.

“The Covid rules at the beginning of the season said as long as we had 13 players available including GKs that we had to play I can’t see a lot of teams playing at home can’t get 13 players to play so I don’t. ” let’s see why that’s different.

“We are now going on and preparing for Saturday.”